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The Springfield M1A1 Super Match is a semi-automatic rifle owned by Rick Janes. She has modified the gun to include features such as a scope with a laser sight. The M1A1 is primarily used by Alexa, this weapon has been used by Owen and Juan briefly in different times when both of them lost their weapons ammo. Alexa uses this weapon to kill the undead after escaping Juan´s apartment, this weapon was found in a police station before escaping the Panama city.

Rifle UpgradesEdit

Just like the other guns owned by Rick, the M1A1 Rifle is upgraded with external parts:

  • M910A Surefire Vertical Foregrip WeaponLight
  • Aimpoint M2 Red-dot sight
  • Desert Warrior M14 Cheek Rest
  • Magpul Magazine Loops


The gun was found in the Rick's locker at the Panama police station. Owen inspects this weapon first. It is then taken by Alexa to use to defend herself of the undead.. When the group was pinned down at a wire blockade, Juan makes a desperate attempt to fight back by shooting "them" with it. He misses every shot, and as it was on Alexa´s breasts, she sustained injuries from the recoil. The red dot sight does not work since it fell and hit it´s self and has since been used without the red dot. She still uses it as her primary weapon.