Sako75 Deluxe
Francisco used this weapon to kill the group of zombies at the main gate of the police comisary to help Juan´s group when they arrived, it was later given by Alexa after they escaped Juan´s cousins house, she killed almost 8 zombies with it has the capacity of 10 bullets, now it has been used by both Juan and Owen in different occasions (Owen first than Juan).


The Sako M75 has a firepower of 2000, reload speed of 3.30, and a capacity of 50. The only drawback of the S75 in relation to other rifles is the lack of a semi-automatic firing mode but counters this by having a high capacity and high firepower. It is the most stable rifle, allowing for quick easy extreme range hits. However, due to forcing the player to use the bolt-action after every shot, many player prefer semi-automatic firing rifles such as the H&K PSG-1 or the Dragunov SVD. Usually takes out one hit for Marcelo to kill a zombie on any part of their bodies with this rifle it has a 100% Critical hit rate for headshots. The S75 cannot penetrate an armor.