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Not much is known about Max Previews life before the apocalypse just that he was From Chile and came to Panama to visit some relatives a few month before the outbreak began, he survived the "undead" outbreak next to his best friends.


Max first appearence in the story was when Juan and his group of survivors returned to the destroyed Panama City, that by a miracle there was a police comisary still intact so Max and his friends dicided to help Juan and his group, after he and Juan began to talk about their experiences and Max decided to join Juan and his group. Max told Juan tha there was a save zone in Atlanta called Fortbenning which Marcelo claimed to be a huge US military base, Juan trusted them and decided that they would find a way o go to Atlanta, soon Juan became good friends with Max and Marcelo.


Max has a cool and strong type personality that makes him stay calm even in the worst times, just as Juan after the outbreak which makes him the leader type which made him gain his place, trust and respect in Juan´s his group, he is very cold when it comes to girls, (he doesn´t agknowledge Carolina´s feelings towards him).


Just as Owen, Max is a blonde 15 year old guy just as tall as Juan and Owen, he has a lot of the aspect of the famous actor Justin Hartley

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