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Pre Apocalypse

Jason is one of Nicolas´s friends before the apcalypse, he was used to go hunting before the apocalypse with his father

Post ApocalypseEdit

As Max stated Jason escaped the school with his friends and went to his home to look for his sniper rifle, he and his group later went to an armery to look for more guns, they ended up finding an abandoned police station thatthey could use as a refuge, at least temporary.


Jason is usually very cold and indifferent as well as quiet with his group, he doesn´t get along with other survivors they have encounter. his personality brings him trouble with his group and still keeps being as he is.


Season 3Edit

Jason was with his group at the national police station of panama, he was armed with a sniper rifle when he was found with the rest of his group, he is usually very nice to Carla and even asked her to change into his group, she denied and left him a bit mad

Season 4Edit

after the 2 groups escaped the police station, he left with his group and was not seen after that. It´s not known if he is still alive

Weapon Of ChoiceEdit


  • It´s has been speculated that he has a crush on Carla.