Duncan Bodie

Not much is known about Duncan´s life before the apocalypse began, except that he was an expert hunter.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season 1: Days Gone Bye

After the apocalypse began Duncan went on his own way trying to survive the zombie outbreak, he then found a group of survivors and joined them to help them survive. Later on he met Nicolas who took on as the leader of the group and Duncan became his right hand man next to Max. he has proven to be quite an expert hunter, tracker and with any kind of gun making him the strongest survivor of the group besides his brother Dylan.

Season 2: Fight the dead, Fear the living

After the group had left the mote they found a safe zone in which Duncan was sure they could live in and build a community of survivors. After some months after the community was build, Duncan had become a role model for the mayority of survivors and from the right hand men he became the Co - leader of the safe zone first being Nicolas


Duncan carries a 2011 Stryker crossbow as his main weapon of choice and a black desert eagle as his backup weapon, he wears a black jacket with angels wings at the back and a dark blue shirt underneath and black pants.


Duncan began as a cold and indifferent person towards other people but has develop a friendship with Nicolas and his group. he has develop a lot since the first season in which he appeared.



He and Nicolas have become good friends since his first appearence and then became one of his right hand man since then.

Jason BradleyEdit

Jason and Duncan have become good friends since he was accepted into the group and are always keeping guard whenever they find a secure place they cdan use as a refuge

Dylan BodieEdit

Dylan was Duncan´s brother, the two of them seem to have a great relation and respect towards the otheer which aloud them to work in team. Dylan was the one who taught Duncan everything he knows and is notably proud of him

Weapon Of ChoiceEdit