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Pre Apocalypse

Little is known about Brian Lennox Life before the outbreak began except that he used to be high rank soldier in the US Delta Team and used to be the strongest of all besides his partner and best friend Rick Janes.

Post ApocalypseEdit

After the outbreak began he, Rick Janes and their team fought The Undead but became overrun leaving him and Rick Janes as the last military survivors, later on they found Juan and his group, he met Mireya and fell in love with her and made a pact that he will protect her no matter what and that he would stay alive just for her.


As every other soldier, he has a strong personality that may be rude but he has also a sarcastic and friendly personality, he feels responsable for the lives of the survivors they have saved and he will stay alive just to protect them.


Brian Lennox is a military from Delta Team that fought the undead just after the outbreak had began. He and his friend and partner Rick Janes were the last military survivors that now seek for survivors to help them

Weapon Of ChoiceEdit