Pre Apocalypse

Billy was the son of a couple who lived in the interior parts of Panama, he was raised wonderfully by both of them, he had a older brother and two sisters, his father teached all of them to use guns and they fastly learned but not much long after that the outbreak began

Post Apocalypse Edit

After the apocalypse began his parents were killed and he guided his brother and sisters out of his farm land, they traveled various days in horse until they met Juan´s group and joined them


Throught the series Billy have proven to be one of the strongest members of the group, he has great ability to use guns, intelligent and strategic, he dresses in similar fashion to a cowboy


He is a nice guy which believes that they should not kill the living, just the zombies, he has become a valid member of the group since then, he has a high morality and stands to it till the end.

Near Death ExperienceEdit

When the farm was overrun he tried to help Juan by rescuing him and Gabriel in the Motorhome RV, he climbed through the roof window seconds before the zombies broke through the RV´s doors and windows.


Juan CardonaEdit

Billy considers Juan a great leader for the group, he gets along well with him and always supporting him in his decisions.

Alexandra QuinteroEdit

Billy has become good friends with Alexa since he was accepted into the group, he is a good listener and always helps and hears her out when Juan is on a mission.

Owen MackenzieEdit

Good friends since he was accepted into the group, they both get along very well and looking after the group when Juan is on a mission.

Gabriel SandreaEdit

They are seen discussing there places in the group and the decisions that Juan takes and what the group has to do to keep there humanity intact.

Danny AlessandroEdit

Dan is Billy´s sister boyfriend and Billy is very over protective over his sister Megan so he is always watching Dan close to make sure he and his sister aren´t doing "wierd stuff".

Megan OcampoEdit

Billy´s twin sister, he is always very over protective and watching her boyfriend Dan to make sure they arent doing "wierd stuff".


  • He is inspired by Rick grimes from The Walking Dead

Weapon of ChoiceEdit