Beretta benelli
The Benelli M4 Super 90, also known as the M1014 JSCS, is a gas operated, semi-automatic combat shotgun currently used by Juan in place of the Ithaca M37. While it is heavier than the Ithaca, it is more efficient in combat. Juan uses this wepon to kill the undead after having modifiyed the ithaca shotgun into this one. Juan found 2 of this weapons in an abandoned US military police base in the Panama City after having escape the undead in Valle escondido (Boquete).


Owen Mackenzie


Juan got 2 of this weapons after escaping the attack of the undead in Valle escondido (Boquete) when Owen opened the stockroom to look for ammunitions and guns, and tells Juan to use it, Juan Manuel sees two of the same shotguns and decides to give one to Owen as a "Christmas present" which made Owen Mackenzie laugh. Owen Mackenzie and Juan Manuel use this shotgun frequently as his main weapon.


Starting off, the M3 has a firepower of 300, a reload speed of 3.00 seconds, and a capacity of 5 shells. Fully upgraded, it has a firepower of 900, a reload speed of 2.70 seconds, and a total capacity of 10. The M3 has no critical value.

The M3 seems to be similar to the previous Mossberg 590, having good specifications and replacing the first shotgun. With a maximum firepower of 900.

The Mossberg 590 is a pump-action shotgun with a base firepower of 200, reload speed of 3.05 seconds, starting capacity of 6, and critical value of 0